Note : All activities are included in tuition


We introduce children to kinds of music like jazz, classical and international. Letting children to move with the beat, clapping, dancing, doing a variety of movements also help to build the large muscles and coordination.


Rhythm, signing and creating music. Music does much more than just soothe and please, though those are very important attributes. It helps your child develop skills like listening, imagination, and memory.


The kids yoga classes are designed to involve every child. Kids get their stretch-on and learn the basics of yoga poses. It is a happy and safe environment


Visualization, building, drawing and design. Art improves fine motor skills and helps children to get ready for writing and manipulating small objects like buttons and zippers. Art amplifies creativity and imagination, making children to see beauty in life and within them.

Learning / Foreign Languages

Your children learn, all day, every day. As they grow toward school age, they develop important physical, intellectual, and social skills. As they continue to build their skills on a daily basis, their joy, your joy, and our joy grows.

Field Trips

Our fabulous monthly field trips expand children’s imagination by introducing them to the world around us. Field trips are for children ages three and up. During Summer Camp we proudly offer educational and fun trips almost every week. It might be what your children remember most about summer-and maybe the whole year!