Our Teachers

  • All preschool teachers at Children’s Land Learning Center are trained in either Early Childhood and/or Elementary education.
  • Our staff consists solely of Full-Time teachers.
  • Our teachers provide a cheerful and safe learning environment while helping children establish good habits, learn new concepts, enhance their social skills, and build self-esteem in preparation for kindergarten.
  • All teachers attend educational conferences and Early Childhood workshops on a regular basis to stay abreast of innovative trends in education and child development.
  • Children’s Land Learning Center conducts extensive background and health screening and a rigorous review of all teacher candidates’ professional references before making any teacher a member of the faculty staff.


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Child Assessment

Parent-Teacher Conferences (Kindergarten) – At Children’s Land, we recognize the importance of providing parents with supportive feedback regarding the progress of their children throughout the learning process.  Our Parent-Teacher Conferences take place twice each school year and allow our teaching staff to review each child’s developmental progress reports and portfolio with parents, enabling them to have a full and complete understanding of their child’s accomplishments.  These Conferences also afford our teachers a prime opportunity for parental input regarding potential adjustments to a child’s program so as to better meet every child’s specific classroom needs.

This Program of continuous Observation and Reporting is designed for both parents and children to ensure a smooth transition on to the next stage of education.