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A word from the Owner

Welcome to Children’s Land!

My name is Oxana.  As the Founder and Director of Children’s Land Learning Center, I sincerely appreciate your interest in our facilities, and I would like to take this opportunity to share some personal thoughts with you.

Even at a young age, I always dreamed of becoming a teacher.  As a child, I remember lining up all of my stuffed toys on the family sofa so I could “teach” them math, language, and science.  Something deep inside me very much wanted them to somehow experience all the joys of learning, and that same motivation for learning eventually served as the impetus for the creation of Children’s Land Learning Center.

As a mother of four, I understand the high standards that parents expect when it comes to the care of their precious children.  I shared those same exacting standards when it came time for me to enroll my own children in pre-school care, but I soon learned that finding the place that would meet those high expectations would prove to be an arduous task.  It was the difficulty of my own experience which eventually convinced me to explore the creation of a child care facility of my own.

We started by acquiring a small daycare facility in Glenview that had been allowed to fall into a sad state of disrepair.  I will never forget our very first day in our own Center when my first task was to wash all the windows and scrub every inch of the place!  It wasn’t exactly the teaching that I had in mind when I used to play with my stuffed toys, but eventually we were able to transform that bleak space into the bright and sparkling Center for children that I had dreamed of.  It took all of my energy – and a lot of heart and soul – but I’m very proud of the safe and nurturing learning environment we have created there.

Our success in Glenview led to the opening of additional new facilities in Lincolnshire (2009), Wheeling (2012), Glenview on Milwaukee Ave (2015), Glenview on Greenwood Rd (2016) and in Chicago on Belmont (December 5, 2016).

From the beginning, my vision has been to develop your child’s natural curiosity and to inspire lifelong learning.  We meet these goals by providing a safe, clean, and cheerful environment combined with a professional staff comprised of sensitive, attentive, and caring adults.  Together, they serve as the foundations for the highest quality early childhood education.

Throughout it all, I am happy to say that the childhood fantasies of that little girl playing with her stuffed toys have come true.  I am thrilled by my work and I love teaching children, and I have worked hard to make Children’s Land into exactly the place where I would have wanted my own children to learn and play.

Please visit us today and see for yourself how Children’s Land can be an important part of your child’s development into a happy and bright young person.

Oxana Anisimov
Founder and Director of the Children’s Land Learning Center

Science Explosion Learning Environment 

Our Mission at Children’s Land Learning Center is to support and promote your child’s natural learning process by combining a clean, safe, and stimulating environment with structured programs guided by affectionate and caring interaction.  We want your child to learn all day, every day, so that they will develop the important physical, intellectual, and social skills necessary as they advance toward school age.

Each Center is devoted to the continued physical, intellectual, and social/emotional development of your child.  Physical activity is carefully balanced with age-appropriate learning activities.  Children’s Land believes that children grow and thrive by actively doing and experimenting for themselves, and your child’s day will be filled with hands-on learning activities.

As they continue to build their skills on a daily basis through both structured and unstructured play, your child will develop the lifelong learning habits which will contribute to a greater understanding and enjoyment of their world.  As each child progresses toward becoming a happy, effective, and well-adjusted young person, we celebrate the joys and triumphs of each accomplishment – and those joys and triumphs become ours – and yours!

We encourage parents and their children to visit us to observe how much fun, comfort, and learning Children’s Land can provide.

What Makes Us Unique Apple

Along with our strong philosophical vision, Children’s Land provides many additional benefits to both children and parents alike:

Each facility is devoted to the continued physical, intellectual, and social/emotional development of your child. We balance physical activity with age-appropriate learning activities. Children’s Land believes that children thrive and grow by doing and experimenting, and your child’s day will be filled with hands-on learning experiences. Please visit us with your child, and see how much fun, comfort, and growth Children’s Land can provide.